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JP-2000004045-A: 窒化ガリウム系化合物半導体単結晶の成長方法 patent, JP-2000004163-A: オーディオ符号化のための動的ビット割り当て方法及び装置 patent, JP-2000004546-A: Safety power feeding device and method for audio visual reproducing system patent, JP-2000004823-A: Plant-derived mineral salt patent, JP-2000005839-A: Forging equipment patent, JP-2000006576-A: 筆記具 patent, JP-2000007014-A: Paper string for recycling waste paper patent, JP-2000007513-A: Member for preventing marine creature from sticking and its production patent, JP-2000007592-A: フッ素化プロパンの製造方法 patent, JP-2000008843-A: Exhaust emission control device for internal combustion engine patent, JP-2000009398-A: Underwater cruiser patent, JP-2000009403-A: Pc cable length measuring instrument for bridge fall preventing device patent, JP-2000009412-A: 位置検出装置 patent, JP-2000009546-A: 静電チャックの冷却性能測定方法 patent, JP-2000009574-A: Sensor part and manufacture thereof patent, JP-2000009894-A: 原子炉解体装置 patent, JP-2000010421-A: Sheet carrying device and image forming device using it patent, JP-2000010741-A: Method and system for information processing patent, JP-2000010960-A: Data interpolation method patent, JP-2000011429-A: Optical pickup patent, JP-2000011895-A: プラズマディスプレイパネル及びその製造方法 patent, JP-2000011908-A: Color cathode-ray tube having shadow mask assembly patent, JP-2000012732-A: Bga型半導体装置の構造 patent, JP-2000013069-A: Cooling device for circuit part, electronic apparatus having cooling device, and heat sink for circuit part patent, JP-2000013085-A: 電波吸収体敷設構造 patent, JP-2000013343-A: Transmission method for subscriber line patent, JP-2000013455-A: 直交変調器の歪み補償回路 patent, JP-2000013506-A: Line data gathering apparatus patent, JP-2000013726-A: 電子カメラ patent, JP-2000014648-A: 耳式体温計 patent, JP-2000014756-A: 空気処理装置 patent, JP-2000014771-A: Dialyzate feeding apparatus patent, JP-2000016038-A: タイヤ滑り止め具およびその製造方法 patent, JP-2000017056-A: 開環重合体 patent, JP-2000017582-A: Leather-like sheet and its production patent, JP-2000017883-A: Apartment house patent, JP-2000018722-A: Electric fan heater patent, JP-2000018750-A: Stirling chiller patent, JP-2000019472-A: Optical characteristic variable optical element patent, JP-2000019974-A: Plane display device patent, JP-2000020591-A: Shopping system patent, JP-2000020936-A: Inp-lane magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage device using the same patent, JP-2000022040-A: 半導体装置およびその製造方法 patent, JP-2000022647-A: Program data transmission method and program data receiver patent, JP-2000023942-A: Pulse sequence for acquiring raw data and nuclear spin tomography patent, JP-2000023947-A: 生体光計測方法 patent, JP-2000024028-A: Sanitary napkin patent, JP-2000024739-A: 線条体の低張力送出装置 patent, JP-2000024957-A: ポンチ打ち方法及びポンチ打ち用器具 patent, JP-2000025690-A: Floating body type facility patent, JP-2000026510-A: Production of resin and water-absorbing resin patent, JP-2000026571-A: Gelatin modified water-dispersible polyurethane and its production patent, JP-2000027610-A: 内燃機関のバルブタイミング制御装置 patent, JP-2000028092-A: Vacuum trap patent, JP-2000028112-A: 液体燃料燃焼装置 patent, JP-2000028518-A: Nondestructive test method for semiconductor epitaxial film patent, JP-2000029136-A: Projector patent, JP-2000030445-A: 半導体記憶装置 patent, JP-2000030690-A: 圧力破砕型保護デバイス及び充電型電池用スペーサ、充電型電池並びに当該充電型電池を用いた携帯型電子機器 patent, JP-2000030749-A: 車両搭載用二次電池の充電方法 patent, JP-2000031033-A: Scanning projection aligner patent, JP-2000031323-A: 放熱板及び補強板付きbgaの製造方法 patent, JP-2000031354-A: ヒートシンク patent, JP-2000032023-A: Virtual lan system and network management method applied to the virtual lan system patent, JP-2000032715-A: Hermetic compressor and manufacture of electronic motor patent, JP-2000033562-A: 終点検出装置、終点検出方法 patent, JP-2000034118-A: 高純度非晶質ケイ酸の製造方法 patent, JP-2000035241-A: 換気方法およびその装置 patent, JP-2000035395-A: Probe sharpening method patent, JP-2000035610-A: Camera patent, JP-2000036112-A: 磁気テープのサーボパターン記録装置及び磁気テープのサーボパターン記録方法 patent, JP-2000036336-A: Battery terminal patent, JP-2000036883-A: リモート診断通信方法 patent, JP-2000037090-A: ステッピングモータの起動方法 patent, JP-2000037859-A: Printer ink fountain device patent, JP-2000038228-A: 給紙装置 patent, JP-2000039344-A: Flowmeter and gas meter patent, JP-2000039643-A: 電子的撮像装置 patent, JP-2000039707-A: 感光性組成物および感光性平版印刷版材料 patent, JP-2000039899-A: Speech recognition apparatus patent, JP-2000040137-A: 電子財布 patent, JP-2000040180-A: Laundry housing device patent, JP-2000040801-A: Semiconductor device and semiconductor storage device patent, JP-2000041822-A: 椅子におけるカップホルダー装置、及びこの装置を備える椅子 patent, JP-2000042387-A: 混合物分離膜の製法 patent, JP-2000042921-A: マスキングの剥離及び洗浄方法 patent, JP-2000044132-A: 油圧エレベータの制御盤用安全装置 patent, JP-2000044264-A: Method for tempering sheet glass and apparatus therefor patent, JP-2000045254-A: Automatic working derricking type gate patent, JP-2000045291-A: アンカーボルト用ボイド patent, JP-2000045379-A: ポンプ吐出側の集合管 patent, JP-2000045869-A: エネルギー供給システム patent, JP-2000046414-A: Electrical warm water heater patent, JP-2000046426-A: Temperature raising method for pulse pipe refrigerating machine patent, JP-2000046712-A: Liquid phase-type thermal shock test device patent, JP-2000046940-A: Missile range-finding method and system patent, JP-2000046991-A: 金属廃棄物処理貯蔵施設 patent, JP-2000047003-A: プラスチックレンズの製造方法 patent, JP-2000047951-A: 通信装置 patent, JP-2000048540-A: 回転駆動機器の騷音及び振動減衰装置 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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