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US-D422632-S: Ink cartridge refill case patent, US-D424360-S: Coffee maker patent, US-D424863-S: Reversible baking tin patent, US-D425547-S: Label printer patent, US-D425707-S: Brush for hygienic purposes patent, US-D426905-S: Exterior surface configuration of a truck headlight patent, US-D427883-S: Combination lock patent, US-D432521-S: Loudspeaker patent, US-D433024-S: Input device for a portable computing device patent, US-D433072-S: Decorative building blocks for village landscape display patent, US-D433612-S: Impact wrench patent, US-D434196-S: Console for washing machine patent, US-D435446-S: Concentrate cartridge patent, US-D436132-S: Scissors holder patent, US-D438061-S: Spill tray patent, US-D438163-S: Front face of a vehicle wheel patent, US-D438619-S: Magnetic field generating device for use in MRI patent, US-D439136-S: Bilge pump mounting bracket patent, US-D439584-S: Icon for a computer display patent, US-D441143-S: Dental floss case patent, US-D441728-S: Electronic switching apparatus patent, US-D441951-S: Pill reminder patent, US-D442036-S: Peeler patent, US-D442046-S: Scissors patent, US-D442321-S: Fluorescent lamp and screen patent, US-D442457-S: Culinary knife maintenance and sharpening steel patent, US-D444457-S: Speaker cabinet patent, US-D444952-S: Combination snow brush head patent, US-D445904-S: Spa shell patent, US-D446058-S: Modular chair component patent, US-D446990-S: Coffee maker patent, US-D448234-S: Compact disc storage rack patent, US-D449656-S: Foldable game board with fastener for dominoes patent, US-D450238-S: Bottle patent, US-D450651-S: Exterior surface configuration for a cabinet of a vehicle patent, US-D450731-S: Paint mixer patent, US-D450757-S: Document printer patent, US-D452457-S: Precious stone patent, US-D452489-S: Telephone patent, US-D452723-S: Fishing float with attached lure patent, US-D452759-S: Scraper patent, US-D453728-S: Automobile visor with dual layered compact disc storage patent, US-D454416-S: Pet leash patent, US-D455086-S: Children's height measuring device patent, US-D455567-S: Leisure rocking chair patent, US-D455765-S: Recycling apparatus patent, US-D455793-S: Liquid crystal display monitor for multi-media games patent, US-D455978-S: Organ donor ribbon patent, US-D456139-S: Toothbrush with a combination of filaments and elastomeric tufts patent, US-D456264-S: Bag carrying handle patent, US-D457116-S: Wheel cover patent, US-D457163-S: Cradle for personal digital assistant patent, US-D457188-S: Cap for a writing instrument patent, US-D458187-S: Automobile patent, US-D460196-S: Door patent, US-D460264-S: Set of raised corner pockets for luggage patent, US-D460534-S: Hub and handle patent, US-D460892-S: Towel ring patent, US-D461505-S: Interactive kiosk patent, US-D461609-S: Paint brush holder patent, US-D461819-S: Compact or mini disc patent, US-D464159-S: Lighted candy cane patent, US-D465352-S: Hanger stacker patent, US-D466272-S: Sandal sole patent, US-D466416-S: Clock patent, US-D466746-S: Towel bar post patent, US-D466989-S: Spout patent, US-D468233-S: Buckle, particularly for a belt patent, US-D469052-S: Wheel patent, US-D469894-S: Tail light patent, US-D470531-S: Transfer tape dispenser patent, US-D471799-S: Compressed fabric article package having a simulated doughnut shape patent, US-D472789-S: Computer lock patent, US-D473011-S: Match safety lighter patent, US-D473270-S: Gaming device display patent, US-D473669-S: Lighting fixture patent, US-D474640-S: Two-slice toaster patent, US-D475287-S: Beverage package patent, US-D475651-S: Reflective pendant patent, US-D476724-S: Heater fan patent, US-D477407-S: X-ray apparatus patent, US-D477839-S: Operation device for image forming apparatus patent, US-D477861-S: Pull-out spout patent, US-D478132-S: Auto body doll patent, US-D481364-S: Heating pad controller patent, US-D481659-S: Spring clip for a disc brake patent, US-D481699-S: Telephone patent, US-D481988-S: Tire having sidewall with recessed chevrons patent, US-D482051-S: Chuck for industrial robot patent, US-D482431-S: Wall hydrant patent, US-D482846-S: Shoulder bib patent, US-D482906-S: Pen storage and display caddy patent, US-D483221-S: Coffee grinder patent, US-D483398-S: Jig for binding perforated sheets on a ring binder patent, US-D483566-S: Protective corner strip for a suitcase patent, US-D484169-S: Bridge-less (or custom) eyeglasses patent, US-D485684-S: Surface pattern for a textile patent, US-D485783-S: Gem stone patent, US-D486023-S: Wall cabinet patent, US-D486270-S: Container patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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